Don't Tell Me, SHOW Me

There is good news and better news. More decision-makers and qualified prospects are attending trade shows, and fewer attendees are at shows just looking to have a good time.

Sales is a numbers game. You can only call, email and keep appointments with so many people in a day.

Exhibiting at a trade show is one of the best — some studies say the best — ways to get face to face with lots of customers and prospects all together in one location. Best of all, these people are eager to hear about your company.

Ask yourself: Are you trying to strengthen your relationship with existing customers? Introducing a product? Positioning your company within the market? Generating qualified leads? Countering a competitor's claim?

Most of the people you meet through a trade show will be new contacts. If you're new to the marketplace, you have to create that all-important first impression. If you're an existing company, you have to build on that impression.

A Print success storyBlair Inc. helped three of the graphic communications industry's leading technology suppliers make a great impression at Print '09.

Print '09, the year's largest exhibition and conference for the graphic communications industry, took place in September. More than 28,600 visitors from 94 countries converged on Chicago's McCormick Place complex to see the latest equipment, products and services.

Once the event was over, we asked the three exhibitors: "Did you have a good show?" The reply was a unanimous and resounding "Yes!"

Despite the global economic recession, our clients surpassed their Print '09 goals because they were prepared. They knew what they wanted to get out of exhibiting. They identified their target audience. They maintained booth visitors' attention while conveying critical information. They promoted their participation extensively — through traditional news releases, Internet-based articles, email blasts and other methods — starting well in advance of the opening day and continuing even after the show concluded.

Great value
Trade show exhibiting is a great value. Done right, trade shows can be the most prized asset in your marketing mix.

Extra preparation can mean the difference between an excellent return on investment and a middling one. We can help you maximize your trade show investment.

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